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NIKIGLASS Privacy Policy

This policy describes how NIKI GLASS Co., Ltd. ("we”, “our company" or “us”) handles your personal information. We will be regularly reviewing and improving where necessary measures concerning management of your personal information.

We do not intend to request/collect your personal information. If an e-mail is sent to the e-mail addresses listed on this homepage, we will obtain your personal information if it is contained in such e-mail. Therefore please do not send e-mails to the addresses listed on this homepage if you do not wish for us to obtain your personal information this way. If you provide us with your personal information, it will be handled as described on this homepage.

We sell products to customers in Japan. We do not have the right to sell overseas except for the products manufactured by ourselves. If you are interested in the product appearing on our homepage, you will need to contact the relevant manufacturer directly as we cannot transmit your information to the manufacturers. This is to protect your personal information. If you are transferred from our homepage to the manufacturer's website via a link, you will need to confirm the safety management of personal information by that manufacturer at your own risk. We are not responsible for handling by the manufactures of your personal information.

1. Acquirement of personal information

We will acquire personal information only to the extent necessary for our business by lawful and fair means. 

2 Purpose of using personal information

We will use the acquired personal information only to the extent necessary and for the following purposes ("purposes of use").  If we change any of the purposes of use, we will notify you by announcing on our website:

1.    Sale or offering of our products/services

2.    After-sales services of products we delivered

3.    Notification of upgrade of our products/ services

4.    Notification of events and new products/services

5.    Implementation of market research in respect of our products/services

Please note that we may continue to use our customers’ personal information in the following ways:

1) We will use our customer's personal information acquired through maintenance contract, purchase registration certificate, user registration certificate, repair request, etc., for the purposes of provision of services within the warranty period and for subsequent safety inspections.

2) Provided our customer has consented, their personal information may be (i) used beyond the original purpose at the time of acquirement, or (ii) disclosed to third parties, but within the scope of such consent.

3. Third party disclosure

We will manage the personal information provided by you appropriately and will only disclose the information to third parties in the circumstances specified below. When we disclose the information, we will request the recipient to adopt the same level of personal information management as we do:

1) When you have given your consent;

2) When consigning delivery (of products and materials to our customers) to the shipper and the warehouse company etc. contracted by us;

3) When assigning part of our business operation (including sales and technical support work) to our affiliates, outsourcing partners, business partners etc;

4) When personal information needs to be disclosed to a third party such as a financial institution for settling payment for goods or services;

5) When disclosure of personal information is requested by legal order; and

6) When business succession takes place due to merger, company split, business transfer or other reasons.


4. Contact 

Please contact us at the address or on the number below for inquiries on personal information management which will be handled as promptly as possible after identity verification: 

9-7 Mita, 3-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073


TEL: (03) 3456-4700

Opening hours: From 9:00 to 17:00 excluding public holidays and our holidays.

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